The Soda Shops in Orem Offer Fizz & Fun
July 03, 2019

The Soda Shops in Orem Offer Fizz & Fun

The soda shops near our Orem apartments are known for putting a modern twist on an old-fashioned idea. Whether you're looking for an afternoon pick-me-up or a fun place to meet with friends, here are three of our favorite soda shops that feature delightful flavors and endless possibilities.

Fiiz Drinks

Fiiz Drinks is located right next to our Parc on Center community at 1120 Center Street, making it a convenient option for our residents. The menu features specialty drinks concocted from soda mixed with puree or syrup shots.

What sets Fiiz apart from other soda shops is the variety. Try Italian sodas, smoothies, slushies, hot drinks, and fruit water. Fiiz also works in conjunction with a number of local snack companies to offer cookies, ice cream, and more.

This Fiiz location is drive-thru only, so we suggest looking at the menu online to learn more about their options before you visit for the first time.


Sodalicious is a well-known chain that focuses on mixology, or the art of creating your own drink. They've crafted a large menu of drinks from base flavors, but you've got the freedom to dream up your own specialty soda. Their social media accounts feature the hashtag #tagyoursoda where you can share your favorite flavor combinations.

Sodalicious has two locations in Orem, one at 800 W University Parkway or one just up the street from Parc on Center at 162 Center Street.


Swig coined the phrase "dirty soda." The term has come to mean a lot of things for locals, but a dirty soda in its original form features your favorite soda with a shot of coconut syrup.

Swig has all the usual trappings of a local soda shop with a wide variety of flavors and combinations, but they're also known for their delicious cookies. The classic sugar cookies are the most popular flavor, but there's also chocolate fudge, chocolate chip, peanut butter, and more to choose from.

The Orem Swig location is at 584 W 1600 N.

Soda shops are a fun and unique aspect of our community. Learn more about joining the Parc on Center family and discover the best of Orem living.