Orem is Home to Some of Utah's Best Escape Rooms
June 06, 2019

Orem is Home to Some of Utah's Best Escape Rooms

Escape rooms offer real-life adventure games where players must decode hints and solve challenging puzzles before time runs out.

Teamwork is key, and if you would like to put your sleuthing skills to the test, there are some amazing escape rooms near our apartments in Orem.

Escape Gate 

Escape Gate offers an interactive and immersive experience complete with live actors, unique puzzles, and engaging stories. The games are designed to make players feel as though they have stepped into a whole new world.

Try The Curse of the Black Rose. Aboard the Black Rose, Captain Francis Demont and his crew are cursed to walk the decrepit ship for all eternity. Their only hope is for some brave landlubbers to venture onto the ship and uncover its mysteries. Can you free the men before the gate closes and you're trapped forever?

Red Giant Escape Rooms 

Red Giant is the highest rated escape experience in Utah. It features live actors, integrated technology, and professionally designed sets. If teams need help, the actors can provide a limited number of hints. 

There are three rooms including Excalibur: The Sword of the King. King Arthur has gone missing. The evil sorceress Morgana seeks the throne for herself by obtaining Excalibur. A powerful wizard has hidden the sword so that only those worthy may find it and save the city of Camelot. Can you uncover the ancient sword before it's too late?

Escapes in Time 

At Escapes in Time, the teams that are successful leave no stone overturned and no detail overlooked. They have just sixty minutes to complete the challenge. 

Try Leonardo's Loot. Italian folklore claims that Leonardo da Vinci hid a treasure in his office before his death. It has never been found. Your mission is to sneak inside the workshop and find the object before the guards arrive. 

If you would like to live near these escape rooms and other exciting attractions, please contact us. We will gladly give you a tour of The Parc on Center where you can see our available floor plans firsthand.