Treat Yourself to Scenic Hikes in Utah County
February 21, 2019

Treat Yourself to Scenic Hikes in Utah County

Hiking is a great way to enjoy to enjoy the state's picturesque scenery while at the same time boosting your energy and improving your mood.

If you would like to lace up your hiking boots, the most scenic trails around Orem include:

Mount Olympus Hiking Trail

Nestled on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley, Mount Olympus is a 9,026-foot peak that offers stunning views from the summit. The wide trail is easy to follow, and it gains approximately 4,100 feet over the course of 3.75 miles. The hike is fun for hikers of all abilities, and the top of the mountain is a federally protected wilderness area.

Neff's Canyon Hiking Trail

Neff's Canyon climbs a short jeep track until it reaches a waterfall. This area features unique rock formations on the ridge, and as you continue up the trail, you'll also take in incredible views of Mt. Olympus and the Salt Lake Valley. The path gains 8,000 feet in elevation, and the total hiking time takes around two hours.

Mill B North Trail

Nestled within the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest and the Mount Olympus Wilderness Area, the Mill B North Trail follows Big Cottonwood Creek to a small waterfall. Rushing water drowns out noise from the highway, and as hikers explore this 5.2-mile trail, they'll find interpretive signs along the way.

Willow Heights Trail

Found at Big Cottonwood Canyon, the Willow Heights Trail stretches 11.6 miles. The first section is all elevation gain, and once it levels off, it wanders around a lake and through a grove of pine trees. Hikers don't want to forget their cameras as the water attracts moose and other wildlife.

Hiking is just one of the many outdoor activities that residents of The Parc on Center can enjoy. To call our apartment community home, please contact us to arrange a private showing where you can see firsthand all we have to offer.