Have the Ultimate Movie Night at Megaplex Theatres
May 17, 2018

Have the Ultimate Movie Night at Megaplex Theatres

One of the most popular movie theaters near our apartments in Orem is located in a large, empty field.

Don't let the location confuse you. A behemoth of a building brimming with colored lights, the Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres at Geneva is one of the first amenities to go up at the former Geneva Steel Site in an effort to revitalize the property.

And revitalize it does! The Megaplex was designed to give viewers a state-of-the-art movie experience, complete with High Frame Rate projection systems for crisp picture quality and Dolby Atmos® sound technology for impeccable surround sound.

However, the Megaplex focuses on more than just improving how a movie is presented to an audience. From the moment you set foot in the door, you are meant to be entertained with both convenience and luxury.

A spacious lobby greets you, with a large concessions cafe on the left and personal ticket booths on the right. The number of machines is impressive; tickets can both be printed and purchased quickly. A large soda fountain station stands in the middle where you can customize your drinks with different flavors.

Depending on the movie, you have the option to sit in reclining seats complete with footrests and attached tables for all your concessions. Multiple theaters in the Megaplex also feature "Quiet Rooms." Each quiet room is a small, glass-encased room in the theater near the top where parents and families with infants or young children can go and sit to watch the movie.

You can watch movies at the Megaplex every day of the week! Showings begin at 10:30 a.m. and the last film starts at 10:30 p.m. unless otherwise stated. Located at 600 North Mill Road in Vineyard, Utah, the Megaplex Theatres at Geneva is only five minutes away from Parc on Center.

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